Corporate Communications Consultancy

Leadership communications – corporate communications on behalf of the Board, CEO, CFO and other C suite executives; development of messaging, channels and content; speech writing, presentation and conference support; social media advisory

Reputation mapping – we research and define the reputation of the organisation among its current audiences, mapping their influence against their alignment with the interests of the brand

Change management – we work with legal and negotiating teams to manage communications in conflict situations or periods of significant change, including M&A, workforce reductions, business realignment and other restructuring activities

Strategy development – we create a robust strategy that, as well as identifying communication priorities, also defines the roles, supported by intelligently crafted statements, FAQs, talking points and stakeholder communications

Training – in-depth media training, with a focus on message creation, on-screen performance and confident handling of challenging questions to create effective spokespeople; specialist training on issue management and crisis communications

Media Relations – where the strategy requires media work, we will act on behalf of the client to discretely, selectively and efficiently ensure their key messages and positions are reflected in social and conventional media coverage

Crisis Management – we prepare clients for crises so they are ready to handle threats to their brand's reputation. We run scenarios. We prepare communications. We see a crisis through to resolution. We help embed the learnings.

Specialist Expertise – within the Estragon network are experts in the following disciplines: corporate intelligence, security and cybercrime, sport and art sponsorship, event management, diplomacy and protocol services, specialist writing in 10 languages.

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